Antimicrobial Essential Oils

As seasonal illnesses spread, parents are left scrambling for natural tools that are safe for even the youngest of infants. At Eco-Friendly Parents, we have seen the positive effects that essential oils have on families and decided to share some of the science behind them and how to use them.


Essential oils have distinctive chemical components to protect the plant they are part of from insects, bacteria and viruses that cause diseases. Intrigued by these properties, scientists have been taking the next step to see if these oils have the same effects on pathogens that affect humans.

Following is a list of essential oils and a list of their top properties with associated scientific studies. 

How to use

Before beginning please read our Guidelines about seeking medical attention as it could save your child's life. 

Essential oils are safe to use everyday as a preventative method or as support once symptoms are present. 


As a preventative method, should be administered in the morning before leaving the house or having visitors over. 

  • Administer prediluted essential oils to the bottoms of your own and your child's feet. 


  • Fill up the diffuser with water to the fill mark.
  • Add 3-5 drops of each essential oil.
  • Start the diffuser.



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