Baby Lotion Comparison

Dry air can lead to stubborn painful eczema, especially on the delicate skin of a child. As a parent, you may want to work your way up beginning with the healthiest creams before resorting to something stronger possibly requiring a prescription. For this reason, with the help of EWG, we have put together a list of the healthiest lotions that are readily available, some of which we have personally tested and are extremely effective.

Healthiest Lotions

Following is a list of the healthiest lotions that are readily available, in alphabetical order, and their overall EWG Hazard Score rating. We always recommend aiming for products with either a "Top Scoring Product" tag or a value of "1" for the EWG Hazard Score. When looking at the Hazard Chart, we recommend aiming for absent "Cancer" and "Developmental & reproductive toxicity" levels. Finally, we decided to include the Aveeno and Mustela, even though they have an EWG Hazard Score of "2," because they have very low Cancer and, Developmental and Reproductive Toxicity risks. 

Brand Overall Hazard Score Worst Ingredient Score Hazard Chart

Attiutde: Baby Natural Deep Repair


Aveeno: Baby Eczema Care Moisturizing Cream, Fragrance Free


Earth Mama Angel Baby: Natural Non-Scents Baby Lotion


Live Clean (Baby): Non-Petroleum Jelly


Mustela: Hydra Bebe Body Lotion



After going through the minute details of the full ingredients list, we feel that the lotions rate from healthiest to least healthy as follows:

1) Earth Mama Angel Baby - Natural Non-Scents Baby Lotion

2) Attitude - Baby Natural Deep Repair

3) Aveeno - Baby Eczema Care Moisturizing Cream, Fragrance Free

4) Mustela - Hydra Bebe Body Lotion

5) Live Clean (Baby) - Non-Petroleum Jelly


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