Berkey Water Filter System

This summer thousands of Montrealers received letters warning them about lead leaking into their drinking water through the pipes in their homes.

Many cannot afford the excavation costs and/or cannot afford to wait for the work to be done (e.g. the pregnant or those with young children). For this reason, we have thoroughly researched and chosen our product of the month to be the top-rated Berkey Water Filtration System with 2 filters (Black Berkey Type). We found this filter system to be by far the simplest to use and the cheapest in the long run.

Eco-Friendly Parents

What we love

  • It removes toxic heavy metals such as lead and mercury without removing the beneficial and nutritional minerals.
  • It requires only 2 filters (Black Berkey Type) that support 22,712L of water before requiring replacement. That translates into less than a cent per liter. 
  • There are two optional Fluoride and Arsenic filters.
  • It is a gravity filter which means there is no plumbing and no electrical cables. This means there no are additional installation costs and the unit can be used absolutely anywhere.
  • It has been tested in an independent laboratory and rated the highest amongst all gravity filter systems.
  • It comes in a wide range of sizes to meet any family size.
  • It is about the size of a coffee machine which means it's great for those without a lot of space.
  • Because of its simplicity, it is used worldwide for emergencies and by the military. 
  • There is a red dye test you can perform to check that the filter is still good.

What we don't love

Over time, the system slows down. When this happens, the outer layer of each filter needs to be cleaned. We found a reviewer that said the best way is with a potato peeler. Here are their comments:

Using a POTATO PEELER, yes you read that right! You use a normal potato peeler to peel away the outside layer holding the contaminates while rotating the filter under running water. I will tell you it sounds a lot more than it is. The layers that came off the filter were very thin, thinner than paper. When I was done with both filters they were reinstalled back into the berkey water system and no they did not look like lopsided cucumbers that were just black. The filters are harder than they look and it is actually quite easy to keep them round looking. 

Sizing Options

System Diameter Height Recommended # of People Holding Capacity (L) Max # of Filter Elements Flow Rate (L/hr) Approx. Price (CAD)
Travel Berkey  7.5" 18" 1-3  5.7  2 15.1 $294.79
Big Berkey 8.5" 19.25"  1-6  8.5  4  15.1* $333.58
Royal Berkey 9.5"  23" 2-8  12.3  4  15.1* $365.91 
Imperial Berkey 10" 25.75"  5-15 17.0 15.1* $400.82
Crown Berkey  11" 30"  8-20 22.7 24.6* $420.21

*Will be quicker when using more than 2 filters

Where to buy

We found a great online store called Purify Water that has great prices and free shipping in Canada.



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