In many countries around the world, bone broths are used to ease babies into their first solid foods. They are also the ideal food to serve when any family member is sick. We are going to go into some details why.

A bone broth is basically slow cooking water with some beef or chicken bones, vinegar or lemon juice, and various vegetables usually for 6-8 hours but also up to 24 hours. As the ingredients are slow cooked, nutrients from the bones, various tissues and vegetables are absorbed into the water making a nutrient-dense liquid or broth.


Many babies reject even the mildest vegetables the first time around. Bone broths carry a hint of flavour from the vegetables that they are cooked in which we found is a more accepting first step. Depending on the baby, you may need to start with a single carrot or celery in the broth and work your way up. 

Health Benefits

Bone broths are rich in collagen, gelatin, amino acids and minerals, all of which have amazing benefits for you and your child. We have listed a few.

Improves digestion

Bone broths are famous for healing the GI tract and therefore are extremely beneficial with the following:

Helps build strong joints, cartilage and bones

Boosts the immune system

Beef Bone Broth Recipe

Following is a recipe we tested out. Feel free to add or remove any vegetables.