Top Starter Diapers

We have chosen three easy to use highly-rated cloth diapers to get you started. If you're really intimidated by the idea of cloth diapering, we recommend you start with Diaper #1.

See our Quickstart Guide to Cloth Diapering for instructions on everything you need to get started.

We recommend ordering from Lagoon Baby as they have best prices in Canada, with free shipping on orders of $99, and are the only company in Canada that carries all three starter diapers along with the Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bag.

Diaper #1: Blueberry - One Size Simplex All In One Diaper

  • "Eco-Friendly Parents" Top Choice! 
  • Known by moms as "The diaper I wish I knew about when I started cloth diapering!"
  • It's an All-In-One so there's nothing to do for you and daycares.
  • It comes with an optional fleece layer to keep your child's bottom extra dry.
  • It has a pocket where you can add a doubler for long nights.
  • By far the best All-In-One diaper for heavy wetters.
  • Comes in two sizes: newborn (6-16lbs.) and regular (12-35 lbs).

The following video shows how to assemble the diaper:

Diaper #2 - Rumparooz (Kanga Care) - G2 Pocket Diaper

  • Baby Gear Lab's "Editors' Choice".
  • This is a pocket diaper that feels like an All-In-One once assembled because the insert doesn't shift. 
  • Must be pre-assembled for daycare.
  • The pocket is made of a soft fleece that keeps your child's bottom extra dry.
  • The double gusset is great for holding poop.
  • This diaper fits babies from 6-35 lbs.

The following video shows how to assemble the diaper:

Diaper #3 - Blueberry - Capri Diaper Cover and Capri Inserts

  • This is the best diaper for children who are very sensitive to different materials.
  • Great night diaper for children prone to rashes (can choose the type of material for the insert).
  • This diaper has the best flaps to keep the insert in place.
  • Inserts require some assembly (daycares often reject this type of diaper).
  • We recommend starting with the Capri Insert because it allows you the option to put the stay-dry fleece or the cotton size against your child's bottom.
  • By far the thinnest diaper.
  • Comes in two sizes: Size 1 (6-16lbs.) and Size 2 (12-35 lbs).

The following video shows how to assemble the diaper:


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