Choosing a Mobile

Since the crib is the safest place in the house for a baby, choosing the right mobile can be a lifesaver. We have put together some guidelines.


Entertain your baby

A mobile that entertains well can keep your baby so preoccupied they won't even notice you've left to take your morning shower.

Here is an example morning routine:

1 - Change your baby's diaper.

2 - Feed your baby.

3 - Place your baby back in the crib.

4 - Turn on the mobile.

5 - Go take your shower.

Help your baby sleep

Some specialists don't agree with this approach because the baby can become dependent on the mobile to fall asleep. Another approach you can take, is to include it earlier, as part of the bedroom routine, to tire out the baby.

Here is an example nighttime routine:

1 - Place your baby in the crib.

2 - Turn on the mobile.

3 - Take about 20 minutes getting things ready for bed (e.g. put away any laundry, fill up the bathtub).

4 - Give your baby a bath.

5 - Feed your baby.

6 - Put your baby to bed.

What to look for

  • Figurines must face downwards to be interesting from the baby's vantage point (don't be afraid to crouch down in the store). 
  • Lots of color contrast (e.g. either primary colors and/or black and white contrast).
  • Hanging parts that move in different directions other than the constant rotation.
  • Avoid blue lights within 2 hours of bedtime (they will make it harder for your baby to fall asleep after).

Note: Your baby will only use the mobile for about 6 months so don't be afraid to buy something that doesn't match your decor.

Tiny Love's Sweet Island Dreams Mobile

  • Eco-Friendly Parents Top Choice
  • Won Caboose Amazing Toy Award & Oppenheim Best Toy Award.
  • Rated as "Best Movement" on many top review websites.
  • It consists of three marionettes that move independently from the constant rotation.
  • It is great from the baby's vantage point.
  • It has soothing music.
  • Although this mobile has a loud buzzing sound from the motor, we found that the buzzing actually soothed the baby.


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